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Collab Thugz NFT with FRAAM3


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Design your own exclusive phone case with your NFTs and the Thugz collection.

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Thugz NFT Collection

ThugzNFT is a p2p new-born project including 911 generative Non-Fungible Tokens launched on the Solana Blockchain. These unique colectibles represent the Thugz affiliation and spirit into the crypto-world and web 3.0. Entirely drawn, these epic drawings have several models, atributes, backgrounds and colors that you can randomly mint. It means that the 911 NFT are all different and unique.

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FRAAM3 x Thugz

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Try the Thugz blue phone cover

The phone cases are available for iPhone, Samsung and Google Pixel smartphones.

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FRAAM3 is a creative community for NFTs collectors wants to curate and design to give utility to their wallets.

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